Terms of Sale

These terms of sale are entered into by and between You and Broken Twig Productions, Inc. (“Company”, “we” or “us”). The following terms and conditions are expressly incorporated in the Term of Use and govern your participation in sessions, consultations, or advisories via video or any other production means otherwise derived from your access to and use of www.thehollywoodadvisor.com, including any content, functionality, and services offered on or through www.thehollywoodadvisor.com (collectively, the “Website”), whether as a guest, registered user or purchaser of services.

In consideration for allowing you to purchase and participate in sessions, consultations, or advisories, (the “Content”), including publicity, the adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, you hereby agree, on behalf of yourself and your personal representatives, heirs, and next of kin, as follows:

Grant of Permission

You grant Company, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, shareholders, officers, directors, partners, agents, representatives, licensees and employees, both individually and collectively (collectively, the “Producer”) the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free right, but not the obligation, to photograph, film, videotape, record and otherwise use my name, voice, portrayal, performance, appearance, actions, likeness and/or biographical information, whether alone or in conjunction with others, (a) in connection with the production and exploitation of the Content and otherwise in connection with or for any other projects, programs or uses of or by Producer or any of their platforms, including, but not limited to, promotion, publicity and advertising of any of the Content, (b) to create derivative works of any of the Content and (c) to reproduce (including by re-recording), duplicate, publish, use (including by re-using, adapting, editing or mixing), exhibit, publicly perform, display, distribute, transfer or transmit the Content, any such derivative works, or any elements thereof in all media formats and versions, whether now known or hereafter developed.

Acknowledgement of Ownership

You understand, acknowledge and agree that Producer is and shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title and interest in and to the Content, and any derivative works thereof, and any photographs, renderings or digital or electronic pictures, film footage, video tape, digital or electronic recordings made or taken of me in connection with, or simultaneously with, my involvement with or appearance on the Content, and all negatives, prints, tapes and reproductions thereof (collectively, the “Materials”), including but not limited to any rights of intellectual property, including copyright, and that I have and shall have no interest or ownership in any such Materials or rights.  You waive the opportunity or right to inspect or approve the Content or the Materials or any of the uses to which it or they, or any derivative works thereof, may be put.

Waiver and Release

You agree that you shall not receive and you waive any right to any and all claims for consideration of any kind arising out of your involvement with or appearance in the Content and/or any use of any of the Materials, including but not limited to compensation due or owing to you as a result of my membership in any guild or union (including but not limited to AFTRA, SAG or AFM) and represent that no other party is entitled to compensation as a result of your participation and appearance in the Content and/or in connection with any use of any of the Materials.  You waive and release all claims to any and all proceeds and revenues derived from the Content, any derivative works thereof and any of the Materials, and agree that such proceeds and revenue are the sole property of the Producer.  You agree that the Producer shall have the right, without your consent, to assign, license or otherwise transfer, in whole or in part and exclusively or non-exclusively, any of the rights granted by these Terms of Sale.

You hereby agree not to sue and irrevocably and unconditionally release, waive and forever discharge Producer and its affiliated or related entities, parent or subsidiary entities, consultants, successors, licensees, assigns, shareholders, officers, directors, managers, members, agents, employees, and representatives (collectively referred to as "Releasees"), from any and all manner of liabilities, claims and demands of any kind or nature, whatsoever, in law or equity, whether known or unknown, which you (or my assigns, agents and/or representatives) ever had, now has, or in the future may have against the Releasees, including, but not limited to claims arising out of or related to the uses described herein and the Content. Any and all claims or disputes related to, in connection with, or arising out of, in any way, whether directly or indirectly, these Terms of Sale or the Content will be resolved via the terms provided in the Terms of Use. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Producer from and against any and all Losses that may result from any breach or alleged breach by you of any provision of these Terms of Sale.


You represent that (a) you have read these Terms of Sale; (b) you are the sole owner of the rights you are granting herein; (c) you have the right, power and authority to enter into these Terms of Sale and Terms of Use overall; (d) no consents, authorizations or releases need to be made to any party (other than the Producer) for use of any of the Materials; and (e) to the best of your knowledge, your involvement with or appearance in the Content, including any statements made by you within the Content, and any use of the Materials by Producer, will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any party.